This anonymous tool is intended for anyone working within the public, Catholic, and private schools to report incidences of racism perpetrated by colleagues, school staff, board trustees, and other upper-level board employees.

This information will be used by PoBC in order to collect information and advocate for boards to formally collect data on incidents of anti-Black racism. This form is considered confidential and can be completed without providing your name/email.

The submission of this form is merely a method to share your story; there is no guarantee that you will be contacted by a member of PoBC. Your email address will not be used for any purpose other than contacting you and is not mandatory.

As a board employee (and potentially a union member), please be reminded that you are still expected to perform any reporting duties to those bodies as necessary. We are in no way affiliated with any school board or union. The purpose of this form is to allow PoBC further insight into the realities of anti-Black racism in schools.

This information will be shared with a third-party data firm, who will be analyzing the data and results on behalf of Parents of Black Children.
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This form is intended for education workers/board employees only.
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By completing this form, I consent to have this information, including personally identifying information, shared with Parents of Black Children.
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